Exclusive non-market Investment Real Estate

We have EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE properties for sale that are not available in the open market. The type of real estate includes:

  • apartment buildings
  • income producing properties
  • land development sites
  • industrial properties
  • hotels
  • senior home developments etc.

Looking for a 4%+ cap rate on rental or industrial? Looking to pick up an investment property below market value?

These are opportunities not advertised in the current market that would provide for a unique future investment potential.

If you are interested in looking at these types of investment ideas or pockets and opportunities, please fill out the form below.

Your information will be kept 100% confidential and secure and only used to communicate for the purpose of discussing specific opportunities that match your profile.

The market is moving and there are pockets in neighbourhoods that are undervalued.

Our experience of selling every type of real estate both residential and commercial gives us an edge in quickly analyzing and calculating the potential of these opportunities. We analyze and look at 4-5 opportunities a day in all areas of Greater Vancouver and only pick and choose the absolute best ones to work with.

The current zoning and information on the cities is fast changing it has opened the door to completely new endeavors. We have sold a lot of these sites to our clients allowing them to build equity even before the transaction has closed.

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Exclusive Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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