Grandview Woodland Development – Free information

On June 28, 2016 the City of Vancouver approved the new Grandview Woodland Community Plan. This plan will guide development in the neighbourhood for the next 30 years.

The plan is divided into 7 major development areas.

grandview woodland major planning areas

1. Cedar Cove

2. Hastings

3. Britannia Woodland

4. Grandview

5. Nanaimo

6. Commercial Drive

7. Commercial Broadway Station



Each of these areas are unique and the development potential varies from one pocket to the next.

We have put together a free information package for residents that would like to be kept up to speed on the recent changes, both in zoning and real estate activity in the Grandview Woodland neighbourhood including recent active and sold properties.

We would like every potential seller to be informed so when the right time comes to sell your property you are in a better position to benefit.




What is available for you:

– recent active listings in the area

– recent sold properties in the area

– off market sales data on private sales or non MLS sale

– pro-forma calculation on what is possible to build in your property with the recent zoning changes

– information on benefits of an assembly with neighbouring properties

– how a developer would evaluate the potential of your property?

If you are interested in receiving this FREE information on the development activity in Grandview-Woodland please fill out this form or call Eni @ 778 371 1534


Grandview Woodland Development and Real Estate Activity

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