Shoe Box


If Vancouver urbanites are experiencing space withdrawl in their condos, take a look at some of the listings above. These are postings from a local real estate office that I had walked by during a casual stroll around Hong Kong’s Central district.  Imagine living in a 388 square foot walk-up (Yup, no elevator) flat… and all yours for HK$16,000 a month (That’s approx CA$2,300.00).  Or better yet, the “Caine Rd walk-up” with a net square footage of 263 for HK$12,000 (or approx. CA$1,600) a month.  Any takers?  You will be surprised that there are plenty of people who will vie for these places.  Living in a major cosmopolitan city has its price, and for Hong Kong, a city that draws people from all over the world for its commerce, nightlife, food and shopping, living in a shoe box sized place is the norm.

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