Norquay Village Neighbourhood Development

  • The Norquay Village area in East Vancouver is undergoing a revitalization. The City of Vancouver has approved the Norquay Village Development Plan. A large number or developers and investors are looking for properties to assemble and build. In  the last year we have sold many homes in the Norquay Village area for top dollar.


  • We have put together a information package for residents for them to benefit the most out of what is coming in the area.
  • Be informed so when time comes you get the maximum value out of your property when you sell.
  • If you are curious to see the FREE information, fill out the form below and we will mail it right to your door.

BONUS: Get a FREE report of up to the minute statistics of homes for sale and SOLD in Norquay Village in the last 6 months.

*All of your details are kept 100% private and confidential.


Norquay Village

To receive the info package on Norquay Village please fill out this form.


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