Just Thankful


The past year has brought a few challenges my way but at the end of the day I am just grateful for everything.
It is easy to get caught up on our day to day, and loose sight on what is truly important. What’s important for me is my family. We have been blessed with the addition of our little girl that has brought so much joy and happiness in our lives. Every day that I get to spend time with her,  I realize how lucky I am.
I am thankful for my wife who has constantly been a source of love and support.
I am thankful for my parents who left everything behind so we could have a better and safer life filled with all the opportunity and choices that we freely enjoy now in Canada.
I am thankful for my little brother who is all grown up now and with whom I have had the chance to travel the world with.
I am thankful for all my friends who have truly guided and shaped my journey.
I am thankful for all my clients and business partners who put their trust in me.
I am truly thankful for being in this country and being able to have access to such a great medical system.

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