Neighbour from Hell


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Ever had the neighbour from hell?  Fortunately I have yet to experience this but even so, I have come across the occasional issues with noise: Heavy footsteps from upstairs, vacuuming at inopportune times (such as when the baby is just put to sleep), and the mysterious “marbles rolling across a wooden floor” sound.  I can only imagine worse.  Making the headlines over the past week is “B.C. case that could see condo owner evicted could become more common: experts”.  With the higher density living in condos comes the inevitable issues of noise and disturbances.  For some people, it is serious enough to warrant condo communities to evict members for bad behaviour.  Now there is a legal channel to doing so in BC.  I can already hear the relieved sighs of every condo owner out there who has ever experienced nightmarish neighbours.